miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2012

26 - 12- 2012 - First Steps

We could start the first news of this new label releasing the typical talking commercial roll to try to sell what will be the image of this new journey, but neither is our intention to bore you or make this platform a business referral. All we have proposed with this label is to offer in the best  way the real sense of Death Metal and Black Metal in their most obscure way, just that.

We will try to let you know the music of bands in what we trust and think that all people will talk about .

Another aspect that we want to stop and let you know, is that Necromancy Rec. only released in vinyl format. Whether due to the appreciation we have for this support during the passing years, or little validity which today gives the CD, we have decided to take all of our issues in this way.
We wait your good answer through this new path. In the following days we’ll put more news about all activities of the label.

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